15 August 2010

How time flies! Last year on this very day, I was at Jesselton Point with Mel, Grunge & Rio. Savoring the oh so delicious lamb chop at my favorite cafe there. It was also our first time meeting Grunge's cinta hati. Rio was still in the process to understand our one of a kind attitudes at that time.

Sayur pahit-ed us

Never been close with Grunge during diploma but we cliqued instantly the 1st time we hang out together.

The only man on that night...Grunge introducing the senior members of PPGs to Rio.

And today on the same date but different year, I spent the evening with part of the family. We had iftar at Getaran Jiwa, Alamesra. I don't wanna spill about their food & the price because I might sound ungrateful if I started talking about it.

With cousins, mother & Bungsu at Alamesra. Break fast.

Harus elak whining pasal rezeki di bulan puasa. Cukuplah ngomel sendiri2 dalam hati. Oh I did slipped out something accidentally though..."Ee ni makanan dot dot dot". Luckily cepat sedar & istighfar. Mau mengeluh lebih2 macam tongol jak...ramai lagi orang di ceruk2 dunia yang kebuluran. Ntah ada makan ka ndak. Ntah ada masa fikir pasal makan or ndak. Ugh.

Sahur...si ibu akan join. Alhamdulillah ndak lah aku lone ranger lagi. Hmm berfikir menu sudah ni. Maggi Laksa sounds sedap pula. *slurp*

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