9 July 2010

Eclipse membunuhku...literally

OMG...I can still feel the fast beat of my heart. Dup dap dup dap. Date with Edwards was totally awesomeness. I'm actually out of words to explain everything. It's nearly 1am & I was supposed to hit the sack by now. But I refuse to sleep as yet because I am bloody excited to tell the world that I just came back from meeting Edward & the Cullen's clan. Together with Laura, Leona, Girl & Awel.

My Friday night ended so purfect. Thank God for this wonderful feeling.

Despite not meeting my level of expectation...I still enjoyed watching the movie. The book sounds rather intriguing to me...in terms of creating my own dreamland with Edward & of course in becoming Mrs. Cullen. It's not as intense as we expected. Never mind if the film doesn't justify the book.

I guess I shall pass on the disappointment. I don't think the movie dash my hopes away. Edward looked eatable as always...Jacob managed to captured my attention this time. My oh my, I love the way his eyes talk to Bella. But NO, that alone is not enough to make me share the love I have for Edward with him.

And to my surprise, Jasper suddenly became an eye-catcher. I hardly remember his looks in Twilight & New Moon. But in Eclipse; he has totally changed. Drastically. I can't help but to say this out...Jasper has turned into an attractive good looking vampire. Alice is so lucky to have him. And oh...he was an army during his human life. I guess that added extra credits to his vampire personality. Another strong & handsome Cullen's. Ugh I like.

Will be watching it again with Memel next week. This time, I'm gonna make sure we get the best seats. Ours just now was slightly in a Goat Class seat. 3rd row from the big white screen. My eyeballs nearly pop out due to massive movement of the eyes. Luckily, Edward calms the tender eyes. By just a glimpse, I couldn't feel the ground anymore. I was like on a cloud nine...walking myself on clouds across the horizon.

Many great dialogs made my night too. What else could I say more...I'm anxiously waiting for Break Dawn already. Heart still dup dap-ing. I wanna look into those golden eyes like; forever.

Kenapa lelaki perfect kayak loh nggak bisa gue ketemu di dunia sebenar ini, Edward?

Girl...Laura...Moi; buying drinks & popcorn before the movie.

Laura & I...clickaholics.

A pose with the poster is a must for me.

E'eh...Oppa Ji-hoon tetap terpahat kukuh di hati ok.

Aku memang suka berdrama...nama pun hidup ini perlu warna warni kan.

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in THE name OF the WHO said...

astada...mo muntah warna warni sa bila ko cerita pasal si fake edward tu...wakakakaka..... I wonder, if bukan si *sepa gia nama sebenar si edward tu klu real life* and si *sepa gia nama tu werewolf yg real life tu* yg jd pelakon twilight saga, adakah org akan sehyper mcm ni mo tingu ni muvie.. i dun think so...kekekekke.... anyway, glad all of u kipas susah mati of SUPERPALE edward having a good time last nite.... x

ladyang said...

huhuhuhuh..cant wait to watch my yummy super delicious jacob..
bibie..aku rasakan..next time..mana2 buku yg diaorg buat movie..kite jgn baca buku dulu..kite tgk movie dulu then baru baca novel dia..
because most of the time..mmg buku lg best..so bile tgk movie..alahhhh..cmni aje..uhuk2...

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: We know u love us still regardless how crazy we could actually go over things u dislike. We had great times. Oh btw, IF the 2 hunks weren't the leading actors mmg pun kami xkan tgk. It's always about the look yg bg kami semangat.

@Yang: Nasib xpayah nak berebut Edward ngn ko. Hehehe. Seriously Jacob super macho lak dlm movie. And sila observe kematangan Jasper. Kecewa skit la ngn outcome dia sbb dlm buku citer gempak giler. Menakutkan. Part 'perang' tu pun sounded ganas giler. Xpe xpe, at least xdela cikiwa sgt mcm aku tgk Lagenda B'Setan tu. Hampas kelapa btl.

in THE name OF the WHO said...


BibiEr Karim said...

Drama yg mana? Sy suda copy p hd, better copy trus p hd ko la. Baru best xstuck2 tu crita dia.

lola said...

im goin to wear contacts again the trauma of the 'infection' sdha teda lol

p/s: cute pulak kn ;)

BibiEr Karim said...

Trauma of infection suda tiada...but now u can't wear them anymore nnt ada infection lagi susa. Araso.

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