19 July 2010

My oh my...

Sedang dalam mood bingung. Kepala pusing. Jiwa kacau. Dada sesak. Macam mau muntahkan segala isi hati tapi macam malas pula poyo2 meluahkan. Macamlah benda tu betul2 affect hidup aku. Macam jak aku lah kunun orang paling ndak ketentuan di saat ini.

Oh my...bertuahnya masih diberi peluang untuk bernafas ok. Iboh gago gilak cik Err. *tiba2 kelaka Sarawak* It's not the end of the world pun. Mun kitak allow benda ya control the mind...confirm ya akan menang. Everything depends on me; after all.

Worry not, I am capable of freezing certain moments. Also in ignoring stuffs. Kalau rasa sudah ndak tertampung sakit di dada...I will divert my attention into something else & start recharge diri. Gaining back the energy to battle.

Tonight I'm going to the cinema to watch Inception. Thanks to Aida Perempuan Merah Jambu; for ur review about the movie. I'll make sure I bring along my purse as to avoid repeating ur case. Ngeh~~ tapi cute juga buat macam tu once in a pink blue moon. Aku pun mau tunggu what kind of problem will I have to solve prior watching the mind-blowing movie.

And oh...since I've completed watching all the Kdrama series & Kmovies Jess lent me, I have to start searching for new ones. In order to satisfy my hunger for good dramas & movies. Grunge has few in her collection so I might be dropping by at her place after work this evening. She's at home taking care of Rio; who is currently sick. Member demam lepas kena hujan. Harap cepatlah kau sihat Rio...nanti tiada driver kami pigi Kundasang this weekend. Maya's not well too. I hope her fever will subside soon. I guess she's still in shock bitten by Bonnie...tau jak la budak kan. Choi macam aku ni suda ada anak.

What? Say again? Kundasang? Yes...will be going up there with the ladies this weekend. Untuk unstressed the tangling mind. Konon!

Jangan main dengan bara api andai diri takut terbakar...

4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa x minat movie genre Inception..kekekekek...enjoy~~~~

BibiEr Karim said...

Sy cancel plan tonight. I was on the way to Suria just now tp trus pusing balik sna roundabt Bukit Padang. I just don't feel like watching. Hmmm btl2 drama kan.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

hey!!! it's ok.. don't do something if ur heart and mind say NO:))

BibiEr Karim said...

Yup...what I want & what the mind says didn't sync last nite. That's why I pull the string loose. Klu paksa2 nnt merana diri sndr.

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