15 July 2010

Thanks Oppa & Sisters

Immensely proud of myself. I managed to calm myself down. Also succeeded in turning off the wrathful mood. Alhamdulillah.
Kombawa Oppa JH...upon watching u on the screen, I feel kind of soothe. It's like u have unravelled my snarling mind. Wah gitu...drama bermula.

Oppa conveying his message during one of the 'vacation' of his army days. He said take care; many times.

Big sister visited me at the cafe this afternoon. Her presence somehow help me to cool down as well. Kombawa kakak besar. Next time datang pakai tshirt & long pants...boleh tulung saya tuang sup soto kio.

To Grunge & Mel...thanks for lending ur eyes. Sebab baca sms bongos saya kan.

I'm good now. Kencana.

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