11 July 2010

I love my kakak besar

Laura annulled her threat yesterday...thanks big sista. I always know u're the one who understands me the most. Wah ayat mau elak dari mendengar ceramah sivil nanti. Everyone knows how psychosis a person she can be sometimes. I should get ready with earplugs next time I see her.

Went to bed at 4 this morning. And was woken up by the painful stomach at 5am. Of all time, does diarrhea really need to invade the system that early? Pity me; I've been visiting the loo ever since then. Have to cancel my plan to wash miss Kens. Also breakfast date with mother. Terpaksalah kami makan maggi jak di rumah.

I rejected the idea to make breakfast. I guess my meal for brunch yesterday was the cause to this sickness since I ate nothing but only the fried mee hoon. And a piece of the ayam kfc bro bought last night. *Grunge...I've settled ur craving* Or the stomach sulks because I didn't fulfill my promise to feed it with Yoyo's croissant. See, I told u already. Grandma's right about the craving thingy.

If the diarrhea subside by this evening, I might go to town. Kens badly need to get shower & looks clean. She'll be off to the service center tomorrow to install her compressor. And will only be out on Tuesday evening. I will be aircond-less no more by Weds. Syukran.

As for tonight, Laura invited me to her house. There's gonna be dinner, drinks, judi & karaoke sessions to celebrate the WC. Tumingan kunun dia predicted Spain will gain the victory. Mau jadi Paul si Sotong lah kali tu budak. I might not stay to watch the final game at her house. Mother needs company as well. Nanti ada lagi dia merajuk kena tinggal saturang di rumah. Bringing her to Laura's house was always an inappropriate idea for her. "Gathering budak2. Malas mau join" that's what she say whenever I brought the idea to hang out at Laura's.

For the meantime, I'm waiting for Grunge. Tu budak mau cetak rompak copy cerita Korean & Japanese dalam hd aku. Both pun perlu entertainment lepas penat bekerja. Barulah stress ndak melawat.

Sakit masih ada...kencana, tu kan penghapus dosa kecil.

4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sorry, sbb cancel p rumah lola @ de last minute.... sorry sgt...tapi SPAIN made it!!! x..:)

BibiEr Karim said...

I started to hold the confidence that Spain will win WC ever since I watched them played against Germany in sfinal. Smart dorg main.

And NO...sy xtepigi ruma Lola. Refer to my will be publish entry. Lalala~

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sedap tak croissant yoyo?

BibiEr Karim said...

Sedap gilak. I know u'r a fan of Yoyo & OldTown. Ngeh.

Croissant dia manis & lembut. Ada flavor ori & choc. Pokoknye, mmg sedap. Terus rsa mau singgah beli after work.

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