29 July 2010

Colorful life

Woot woot...uncanny mood greeted me early in the morning. Been trying my very best to hold on. Everything was so frustrating I couldn't help but to whine. Ohoo alasan yang hanya layak dicakap logik oleh sang kambing.

2 of my staffs are on sick leave today. So basically we kinda short of manpower. And to make thing worst, I have accepted a catering order. Things at the cafe were beyond control. I can't even think straight let alone decide wisely.

Almost lost my temper towards the student who ordered the catering from us. I just can't bear their poor time management. Like; ugh big time!

But come to think of it, memang malas mau bising or membebel. I shall be grateful instead of complaining. Esok lusa kalau Dia tarik balik semua ni...jadilah kau sudah terhantuk baru terngadah, kan cik Err. Dikasi rezeki murah pun mulut masih pot pet macam popcorn.

Problems are thrown to make me learn the way to search for solutions. Griping nor whining won't solve anything. It can ease ur anger but everyone knows that will not last long. U'll be back to being grumpy again once u return to the real world. Because u will eventually sees that none of the curse or swear words resolve ur problems. Therefore, instead of throwing tantrum I chose to settle the problem asap. As to avoid confusion & further complexity.

Anyways, Laura came to rescue the vulnerable me in the afternoon. She helped me out at the chicken rice lot. And because this time she wore proper attire so gue benarkan dia jadi pembantu belakang tabir. Laku terus nasi ayam gara2 orang lawa tapi aku lagi cantik sinduk nasi. She also lend her hands with the hi-tea for catering. Dedicated assistant betul kakak besar tu. I love u sista!

Ada bukti terang benderang dia sayang aku, kunci kereta aku dia tapau balik rumah. Jadi tinggal lah aku dekat 1 hour + di cafe waiting for mother to fetch me up. I left the car at the cafe. Around 8-ish Laura came to my house & sent me to UMS* to get my car. We hanged out at City Mall after that. Together with Maya & Girly. After a light supper at Olde Kopitiam we called the night; off. Lagi pula Maya sudah membawa balik...karang bertambah list lagu dia nyanyi sambil menari. Ndak pasal2 kedai tu ndak jadi tutup nanti.

Hidup ini penuh warna warni...bukan hitam & putih sahaja. Nikmati semua dengan penuh redha & syukur.

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