6 July 2010

Weird & pelik

Aku rasa ada problemo with blogspot. Dalam inbox ada notifications for comment moderation...but as I browsed my dashboard page to approve & publish, nan ado komen2 itu. Haish pelik bin ajaib.
Hari ni cafe masih lengang. Memang harus ambil kesempatan berlenggang kangkung kan. Halfway done in editing the pictures I recently took during Charlie & Shahira's wedding. Will combine everything with Laura once I completed my part.

Because the internet connection is throwing too many fool tricks on me today...I decided to only surf the net at home. That is after office hour. I nearly die fainted waiting for 1 page to open. It took like forever to get everything displayed on screen . Fortunate enough, I managed to kill my time this afternoon by editing Pijut's wedding pictures. Yes peeps, that Pijut whom got married December LAST YEAR. Oh my, haven't u know me by now? Not only I'm the queen of D...I am also qualify for queen of P as well. In which P stands for Procrastinator. Pat on my back, harus wei aku pilu bangga dengan fakta itu. Bangga sampai rasa mau side kick kepala sendiri...biar balance sikit kedudukan otak aku.

On another note, my heartiest condolence to Mel & family on the departure of her beloved grandmna this morning. I feel honoured being informed about the news straight from u, Mel. U took ur time to share the sad news with ur friends even though u're mourning. Terharu gila gaban. Ur grandma is in better place now...jangan sedih2 sangat ok. We both know the fact that no one leaves this world, alive. Hope u'll get through this phase...kalau kau mau share apa2, u know where to find me.

Masa sudah time. Gue harus pulang. Tinggal ya.

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