16 June 2010

Of a sudden…I feel totally demotivate. Truth is, despite adrenaline rush towards the Korean/Japanese movies marathon…I am kinda feeling empty inside. I don’t know how to explain this in details. It’s like there’s a hole inside my soul. Not knowing what brings more misery to the mind. sigh

And the face proves it all. Looking all careworn & haggard from sleeplessness. Right now, those so called insect bites look rather reddish because of incessant scratching. What scares me the most is when I accidentally saw few similar dots on the cheek area. Ugh nightmare will be my ultimate best friend if they stay there forever. I need to do something to make them vanish. This allergy kinda thing really gets me on my nerves.

Be grateful already will u cik Err. U’re lucky ur face doesn’t look like it’s just being bombard by missile of pimples. Mau kau orang cakap muka kau macam ada pesta jerawat jerawit? Not in a million years aight? So shut it up now. *Read: My 2 cents for the haggard mind*

To distract mind from being a total jerk thinking of useless stuffs, gotta change the topic.

Yesterday evening I went out to meet Ayu & her lil family who came from Kolumpur. They were here to attend a friend’s wedding in Beaufort. I went out regardless the itchiness that feel as if its crawling all over the body. Pat on my back, I managed to hold myself from scratching serupa beruk all along the dinner. The son wasn’t being so friendly with me. They just got back from Mamutik Island that evening & he was already asleep when they arrived at Sugar Bun. So I guess tiredness explained his not in the mood to play with Aunty Kakak Bibie attitude.

Mommy Ayu, Awisy & Kak Bibie

1 thing satisfied me for sure…I finally get to stamp my trademark bite on his arm; leaving him shouting his highest octave note. Ampun mommy & daddy si tahap gaban comel adorable bite-able Awisy. Walau ndak mau melekat sama aku, boleh jak dia curi2 tinguk aku. Eleh, kakak tau kakak lawa super duper cute.

Funny thing was whenever I asked him to smile for the camera…he will showed me his cheeky smile; dengan tujuan menunjuk tayang few milk tooth of his. Hampas betul. Tengah nangis pun boleh pause kejap…showed the tooth…later continue crying. Betul drama king.

See the cheeky tricky face...ada rasa mau gigit lagi sekali ok.

I couldn’t push myself early this morning. That is to tag along with Laura & Turaks to watch the WC match at JPoint. Although Laura told me about the plan earlier, I just couldn’t make it. I have an appointment with the skin specialist today & I was mentally tired after meeting the friends. Knowing that the body couldn’t stand late night out, I had to declined the invitation. Poor big sis; I left her spending time alone with our so called ultimate foe. I bet they had great time watching the match. And thanks for not getting mad at me, Laura. I’ll make it up to u later. Or better, I’ll cook for u. Ngeh ayat kena power mampus to draw the aura to forgive & forget.

Enough with lovey dovey romantic movies…I am currently driving myself towards horror flicks. I am a diehard fan of horror films. Selalu haus cerita seram hasil negara sendiri but almost all brought me down to devastation eventually. Except Jangan Tegur. Also cerita yang dulu kala. For instance horror film by Noor Kumalasari. Yang tu memang ngeri tahap gaban sampai kalau mau pigi toilet malam2, mesti kalau boleh seluruh penghuni rumah dikasi bangun untuk kasi kawan. Ok itu tipu…hakikat, hanya arwah nenek jak yang aku punya daya untuk kasi bangun. Aku kan cucu nenek. The most beloved grandchildren…harus la sebab aku kan the eldest.

Death Bell
Death Bell 2008

Gotta go...mau nonton wayang seram. Mari buat imbasan to the above picture. Kalau mau tau kenalah nonton sendiri ya. Grrrr. Kau pun tau orang diorang kalau buat cerita memang sungguh2. Harapan memang ndak kan kempis kalau berpaling kepada hasil diorang.

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