10 June 2010

Morning all. I arrived office a bit early today. The weather was a bit gloomy. I thought its going to rain. Alhamdulillah the sun shines not long after I reached the cafe.

All of a sudden, I'm in a mood to blog. Di awal pagi lagi tu. Pfft I though u've been hit by the block thingy illness cik Err. Drama betul la kau. Ngeh~~

I recently read a novel I borrowed from 1 of the staff. It's not like any other ordinary chessy romantic love story novels. Because the love story in that book disekalikan dengan ilmu agama.

Oh I haven't mention the title, right. It's Kerana Dia Cinta by Izza Aripin. A new novelist I guess sebab ndak pernah dengar her name before. Duh, as if I follow perkembangan dunia penulisan ni kan. Poyo kau sana ndak pernah dengar nama dia. Padahal kau tu yang outdated, cik Err.

Novel ni best. Being the DQ me, I easily attached myself to every characters in the book. Hmm, in every novels I read actually. Tapi aku jarang nangis unless storyline memang touching habis. And NO; tiada aktiviti pam air mata macam dalam LBS tu. I ain't nothing like Lisa S. Woot; kesan frustration over that film masih berbekas pula. Ya ya, I still can't get over it although it's been a week already.

Gia / Nurjia Amani's character
left a remarkable sight to my soul. I will not write a review because I'm bad at it. But I would like to say; I learned something from the book. A valuable lesson; I shall say. From which, I seem to be able to see the pure side of a love life.

Paling terpahat dalam hati aku is part c Nurjia Amani totally serahkan urusan hati to Allah the Almighty. Lepas putus hati towards her marriage; she gave up in finding love. Dia terlalu sibuk mencari cinta sesama manusia in which she thought will make her life happier. Yet, she didn't get the love she looks for in the marriage.

And the moment she leaves the matter to Allah...miracle happens. Love finally finds its way to her when she cares less about it.

God put us to another higher level when we didn't stop believing in Him. Jadilah kekasih Dia kerana itu akan mendatangkan ketenangan. Orang yang menjadikan matlamat utamanya untuk mencintai Allah...adalah orang yang paling bahagia.

That’s what I learned from the book. Untuk mendahului Dia dalam segala hal...hatta dalam mencari cinta sekalipun.

I got this from the book that Dayang gave me.

Cinta Laila & Majnun menyaksikan Majnun terbunuh dek cintanya terhadap Laila. Qarun dibunuh oleh cintanya terhadap harta benda. Fir’aun dibunuh oleh cintanya terhadap kedudukan. TAPI Hamzah, Jaafar & Hanzhalah mati kerana cinta mereka terhadap Allah & Rasul Nya. Syahid dalam perang yang mempertahankan agama.

And I only get to publish this entry in the evening as the internet connection was pretty bad this morning. And oh by the way, I had luncheon date with the Grahams at Sinario, Alamesra. Only the parents though for Maya was at the nursery.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

jodoh itu urusan Tuhan... :)) yg penting kita berusaha dan telah mencuba

BibiEr Karim said...

Yes. Paling penting, jatuh cinta sama Dia. Sbb confirm xkan kecewa sampai bila2.

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