1 June 2010

It's June already. On this very day 10 years back, I registered myself at UiTM, Sabah for the Diploma in Science course. Gila ko punya lama sudah pula tu. But still, memories I had there will stay fresh in my mind until the end of time. And will never I trade with anything in this world.

Mode tiba2: Rindu sama zaman dip.

Today, the Sabahan is still in holiday mode. Time flies fast...tomorrow will be dragging my lazy ass back to work. I wish I could freeze time...NO.

Went to Wisma Merdeka with mother right after Zuhur. Kens got her bathe once more. Last Thurs I bathed her but it rained heavily the moment she finished her shower. Alkisah, badan c Kens jadi comot semula. Mother even said Kens look cleaner before I washed her. That's why today berkobar semangat waja bawa dia pergi sesi membersihkan diri. Ndak kan tuan jak yang mau wangi kan. Lagi pula, c madam besar sudah start buka kuda2 to begin her ceramah. Mau release her bubbles pasal level cute malas akulah tu. Nasib feedback action adalah cepat & tangkas.

Won't be going out tonight I guess. Didn't even plan on what to do & where to go. Ouh lupa, ada tugas besar pula. That is; melipat kain baju yang sudah tinggi ala KLCC tu. 3 days in Kundasang...harus logik kan baju bertimbun. I have finished washing all the dirty laundries...including the curtains in mother's bedroom. Also her bedsheet. Sekalinya, bedsheet & blanket aku juga yang tertinggal ndak dicuci. Kesian bah cik Err ni.

I entered the 'its the days of the month' phase. Just realized it minutes ago. No wonder I crave for food every 5 minutes. And tendency to finish every food offered adalah sangat high. But, anything that goes with the word R.I.C.E memang sistem ndak layan sudah. Punya lah ayat macam mau ditempiling.

BUT still I wanna yay & pat on my back some more because mission has been sailing smoothly for 6 months already. Thing I never thought I would be able to do. Another 6 months to go...chaiyo chaiyo. December will be the dateline. *clearing throat* Insya Allah akan tercapai. 1 night stay at PP,SH. 6x makan; complete. From breakfast to supper. Award yang akan ku claim dari ibunda terchenta. Pray I will make it through...that I will achieve my goal. Thanks.

Anyways, novel kesukaan gua Lagenda Budak Setan sudah selamat difilemkan. And akan ditayang to the public this Thurs. Please know that I have read this novel so many times already. I am currently reading the novel once more...as to get the feel back. Sangat cinta suci luhur sama novel Ahadiat. Remind me tremendously of MY high school memories. Serious, aku kipas susah mau mati novel2 karya mamat tu. And after LBS, I wish diorang akan filmed Katerina pula. Sinambungan novel tebal LBS tu. And pastu Pilot Cafe. Then, Hikayat Cinderella. 

Ok enough...keliuran sudah aku sini. I have invited my YS ladies to watch the premiere together. Harus kesukaan sebab kami adalah peminat Encik Ahadiat Akashah.


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