7 May 2010

Yesterday was one heaven of a day *Note: I refuse to use the word hell*.

Here; I officially declared aku adalah bangang tahap saiko gaban. Ermm don't get too excited though for the declaration lasted till midnight only. I am back to the normal track already.

What happened? Nothing actually, only that I see myself as the super tongol lass yesterday. It was those things I did.

First; incident in the office. Aku ni dalam mode rajin, alkisahnya lah. Swept & mopped the floor. While waiting for the wet floor to dry, the brilliant moi did an unsangkarable action. Bolehnya aku dengan selamba, threw the rubbish in the bin back on the floor. Brilliant wasn't it. Yes, I heard u. Thanks.

Second; happened at home sweet home. I was craving for coke. And there's a half glass left in the fridge. I took it out, put the glass on the table next to the sink...and off to the washroom. Skali keluar tu aku ternampak few dirty plates in the sink. Mulia hati kunun aku mau mencuci...sekali dengan gelas berisi coke tu aku buang. Damn...there went MY craving, inside the sinkhole.

While pouring the coke...I was aware that its my drink but the brain seemed to lost its way transmitting the signal command for the hand to stop. Pernah bah kan korang jadi bingai macam tu? Almost similar to my banana case.Isi pisang aku buang while the skin aku sumbat dalam mulut.

There are times; aku selalu spit out thing I didn't intend to say. Like; tengah taip sms & someone asked me something. Boleh jak tu aku jawab benda yang sedang aku taip. Lagi haru, a friend mms aku gambar sampah busuk. I was at a wedding with mother. And mother's friend came to say Hi to us. I wanted to say Hi & puji lah baju dia lawa...instead; I said "Hi...punya busuk sampah ko". Nasiblah aku ndak makan penampar dan2 tu bah. Ohh YES, aku adalah sempat bagi explanation & said the right thing afterward. Ngeh~~

Suddenly juga ingat case paling haru & memalukan in my whole life. Incident chocolate spread. Ugh...harus rasa mau kasi tapuk diri dalam karung. Kenapakah ada saat aku jadi sebingai itu. But I guess, benda macam tu jadi untuk remind kita yang human makes mistake. ALL THE TIME.

It's great having to experience things like that, boleh kasi ketawa diri sendiri whilst at the same time learned something from it. Regardless how simple the thing is; there must be at least a tiny bit of a lesson we could learn from it.

Perhaps; level of caffeine in the system has mounted. I've just finished MY 3rd glass of coffee as I scribble this. Kepeningan melampau...migraine macam mencucuk ubun kelapa...no wonder I do things yang qualified masuk fasa bingai. Padan muka kau cik Err.

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