19 May 2010

Salvatore what?

OMG...I've purposely unconsiously tune out the existence of this site for nearly 5 days. Aren't I supposed to document my so called activities on daily basis? That was what I promised myself. I need to write them down because I fear I might one day forget them.

Blame the negligence on the Salvatore's brothers please. Thank you for understanding.

Damn...I did again, didn't I? Exaggerating...drama queening. Phew. Oh just let me then...

The Salvatore's....the one on the left, Stefan. He's MY MAN.

Just so u know, I got my ass back to KK town early yesterday morning. I've planned to not update this blog during my short trip to Kolumpur but will get everything write down once I'm back.

Truth is; I am too busy hooking myself with this new series cik Heldah has recently introduced to me. Hence, I have skipped blogging for 2 days. Minus the days I was in Kolumpur of course. Fortunate enough, I've got everything handwritten in my diary. Awesomeness.

Will get them typed & published soon-ish. Also janji ku untuk update stok bahan ketawa which I have mentioned in my previous entry.

Now it's time to 'play' with this man. Ugh me now people.

This man...took my breath away with his glimpse.

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