4 May 2010

Dinner with mother at Sugar Bun...I had dessert instead of taking the main course. Wasn't in the mood for a heavy meal so I only ordered choc brownie & caramel ice blended.

Since I just swallowed a slice of choc brownie...I shall prepare for a migraine attack. Just found out the system couldn't tolerate with choc these days. Perhaps too much consumption in the past...and now its paying toll on me. Nasiblah sempat bermuntahan kelebihan makan choc dolu kala. The ex bfs also the kakak/adik/abang angkat rajin sedekah choc.

I'm not sure what's going on with my digestion system these days. Whatever I ate...akan keluar right after. Something got to do with the hormone I guess. Imbalance & fluctuated. I hate being in this state...harus lepas ni semua makanan pun aku kurang selera tinguk. Hence I will eat less...and Miss Gastric akan ada excuse to pay me a visit.

Ugh...some of the pekerja pun sudah buat quite a review on me. They said I look a bit pale since Monday. Less energetic...boleh2 dorang cakap senyum aku pun kureng seri sudah. Adeiii gimana ini dong.

Perhaps, I unintentionally left my soul in Kundasang. Well, at least that explain the lethargic moi. NO?

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