6 March 2010

Geee...adalah menanti saat untuk pulang dari kerja.

Retail therapy with mother after work later on. Few maxi-s I've been dying to have in the wardrobe shall be mine today.

Also those oh-so-cute sandals @Vincci. Thanks Alice; saya tau ko akan bagi staff discount for me. *mode: syok sendiri*

Tonight akan ada sesi menonton wayang bersama ibu terchenta as well. Aku adalah mengidam mau tinguk wayang. Tapi movie ni kali aku terpaksa tengok twice; berjanji mau tinguk sama ibuku but I've watched it with the cousins earlier. Serve me right...kenalah bayar janji kan.

Dear gorgeous mother...terima kasih kerana AKAN belanja tinguk wayang & also dinner. Ngeh~~I sounded so anak bertuah, didn't I.

Oh a wish to dearest brother; D. Shahrizal @ Yahya.

Happy 26th birthday darling. May u grow wiser through the year. Ahaks.

*its also birthday arwah aunty Ana...last year the family celebrated their bdays @Tg. Lipat beach. How time flies...this year, on her birthday she's no longer with us. I miss her so much.*

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